Pharma Models has the scientific and technical expertise to handle most pre-clinical drug discovery needs.

Scientists at Pharma Models have a broad range of experience, focused on in vivo models of human disease and pharmacology, but also encompassing many aspects of modern research, from areas like antibody engineering to recombinant protein expression, molecular biology, virology and cancer biology. This board base of expertise brings a unique perspective to every study, and occasionally some important insights.

Why Choose Pharma Models

expertisePharma Models has the scientific and technical expertise to handle most pre-clinical drug discovery needs. This experience goes beyond traditional CROs by collaborating with clients to discover and prescribe ideal solutions with an active eye towards clinical relevance and best practices.

accuracyPharma Models operates with the utmost quality and precision utilizing the correct methods, instrumentation, and calibration in their research. Accurate results provide a level of trust from clients – ensuring not only future business, but maintaining a high-level of integrity within the organization.

valueThe value of Pharma Models lies within both the level of expertise of the company, and in providing pre-clinical research at a better price and higher quality than the competition. The turnaround time and sense of urgency beats industry standards – and clients appreciate the combination of promptness, attention to detail, and cost-effectiveness.

client-focusedAs a critical part of any service industry, Pharma Models takes immense pride in providing client-focused, customized solutions and services. By being responsive and quick to respond to clients, Pharma Models provides the flexibility and friendliness  often missing from traditional CROs.

Scientific Expertise

Our expertise has helped several of our clients receive significant government funding for their projects, and often, additional private investment as a consequence of these funds.




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